Career Project Details

Whether you want a new look for your résumé, or a complete rewrite, the process remains the same. From a customized quote, to working drafts, to the end product(s), all clients receive one-on-one attention with clear timelines communicated throughout the scope of the project.

Start the Process

  1. To get started, either email, or simply complete and submit the contact form  on this website.
  2. Within 24 hours of receiving your completed Client Questionnaire and any supporting documents you wish to provide, you will receive a personalized quote for individual services requested, and any applicable package options that are available.
  3. After you select the service that best fits your needs, you will receive an invoice via email and have the option to pay by credit card (secured via PayPal) or mail a personal check.

First Draft

  • You will receive the 1st draft(s) of your document(s) via email within a clearly specified number of days from payment receipt (i.e., credit card or cleared check).

Revision Period

You are provided a generous timeframe to request modifications and review changes.

  • The Revision Period ends 10 days from the time of 1st draft delivery.
    (The revision period end date will be provided in the email with the 1st draft.) 
  • This is the time when you and your writer work together to ensure the documents meet your satisfaction.
  • Email correspondence is unlimited.

If there is no communication from the client within the Revision Period, it is assumed that the 1st draft is to the client’s satisfaction and no changes will be made.

Services Rendered

At the conclusion of the Revision Period, you will receive the following via email:

  1. All document(s) in .DOCX format (MS Word); all of your documents can be edited by you at any time!
  2. Résumé in .PDF format; this file cannot be edited, but it will enable you to email the résumé to potential employers in a fixed format.
  3. Instructions for updating your documents and converting them to .PDF.
  4. Customized Job Search Form. This will include your Referral Program credit amount, and an easy to navigate form to assist you in tracking your job search.
  5. If you ordered printed documents and/or paper products, you will receive a USPS tracking number so you know when to expect your package.